While a California real estate license is good anywhere in the state, there are some compelling reasons why you should use a local REALTOR® when buying or selling property in Antelope Valley.

It’s in your best interest to use an agent who knows the local real estate market and no one knows local real estate better than a local REALTOR®. As a Local real estate agent I have extensive knowledge of the area and unique insight into local property values. I have expertise in the local market; and current issues and trends. I attend the local property tours, know the listing stock and know my way around the area, which saves time when looking for a hard-to-find listing. I have access to the local lockbox system, I know the local septic system issues in the different parts of the County, I know about the Local Real Estate Disclosure and I know about fire and clearance issues.

As an agent who lives and works in the local area I can be on hand for inspections. I’m involved in the community and can put you in touch with service people you may have need of. If a buyer/seller is from out of town, I can recommend places to eat which are tried and true, good hotel/motel accommodations, and   sight-seeing attractions after the home touring part of their trip is over...and who knows, they might even turn out to be a neighbor!

… and as always, REALTORS® adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.